Series of three found one gallon gasoline cans, 04:00 mins single channel videos projected from pico projectors concealed by fake rocks. The pieces each sit on custom made 26″ x11″ floating shelves

I created a series of ‘video sculptures’ using mini projectors concealed within fake rocks that project video footage of sinkholes filmed around the Dead Sea onto the rectangular bottoms of rusted, one-gallon gasoline cans that I found in Texas. The series connects the two desert landscapes as well as showcasing natures reaction to man’s abuse of nature. Geologist have concluded that there is a link between oil and gas extraction and the sudden formation of sinkholes, for this reason I chose the rectangular bottom of gasoline cans as the “screen” for the videos.

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2017 Mage Radiator Art Gallery(work in progress version)

2018 Center For Contemporary Art Tel Aviv (work in progress version)

2019  Paper Rock Scissors C24 Gallery NYC