In Literature of Storms I collected a series of vintage prints of Parisian home interiors from the 1920s and 30s and projected videos which seamlessly animate elements in them.

These well designed Parisian Art deco interiors express history, sophistication, social structures. By projecting the videos on to them I expose these interiors to natures elements such as rain, wind and snow. Exposing the vulnerability of the home which is perceived as a protective safe space, of warmth and containment, here it is revealed in its fragility, vulnerability and temporariness. emphasizing the insignificance of these design choices in the face of powerful weather conditions.

The final result is an installation which includes 3 diptychs made of 6 archival (reproductions of the original vintage prints), these prints hang unframed on the wall in 3 pairs. In front of each pair in a narrow pedestal which holds a small projector that projects the video on the pair of prints, animating them.



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