A Ghost From The Future 2014 - 2017

This work explores architectural space through time.
The video installation includes a video projected onto a print of 4 vintage photographs dated from 1928, of private rooms in the Wave Hill estate.
The artist appears in the video like a future ghost from today intruding into 1928 photographs of rooms at Wave Hill.
The rooms were once private rooms inhabited by Mark Twain, Arturo Toscanini, Bashford Dean’s private armor collection, and many others. In the photos they are full of furniture and private belongings. Today they are empty public spaces.
Created at Wave Hill in the Bronx, NY during the Wave Hill workspace residency 2014.
The soundtrack is from Alfred Hitchcock’s Rebecca (1940) soundtrack by Franz Waxman, The Royal Scottish National Orchestra. In the film Rebbeca, a new wife explores her new home as she is being told of the homes’ past and her husband’s former wife who once occupied it before her mysterious death.

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