Drowned World


Antique Stained glass window, 32″ tv monitor.

This sculptural multimedia work, Drowned World, examines the impacts of ecological change on civilization. In it, a monitor plays a video depicting footage of reptiles, insects, and plants in a watery landscape. The monitor is installed behind a stained-glass window, a characteristic element of early-20th century St. Louis architecture. The use of the architectural fragment gives the impression that the world outside of the window has been flooded. The title is borrowed from a 1962 novel by J.G. Ballard in which global warming has caused the world to become almost uninhabitable. In the book, a group of scientists roam the flooded and abandoned city of London, trying to plan for what the future might be. Like Ballard in 1962, Levy projects into an uncertain future. – Hannah Klemm curator St Louis Art Museum

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