“Rock, Paper, Scissors” at C24 Gallery in partnership with The Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts

Dana Levy lives and works in New York where — along with Song and Molnar —she is a member of The Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts, a non-profit that provides affordable studio space, equipment and a place to exhibit work.

While currently located in New York, Levy’s practice is inextricably tied to her Israeli origins. In an interview with Naomi Lev for Artforum, Levy explained, “As an Israeli, you carry a past: biblical stories, the Holocaust, and wars. There is always a dualism between the past and the present. I also find that there usually is a dualism in my work: something whole, something broken; something wild, something tamed; nature and man; life and death.”

Dana Levy, Trucks On Rocks  Video projector, film, desert sandstone slabs  9 x 34 x 0.5 in. 

“Trucks On Rocks” (2019), my favorite piece in the show, exemplifies this aesthetic. Across three small, mounted slabs of multi-colored stone, Levy projects the image of a lone, white, 18-wheeler truck enroute to an unknown destination. The video loops. The white truck is always lost in the spaces between the slabs. Scale is played with as the truck’s course follows a particular curving line in each stone as if these small lines are roads cut into a vaster rocky landscape.

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